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CoSA B.C. Testimonials

Below are testimonies from sexual offenders we have reintegrated and  volunteers who work with them.  There are also testimonies from community corrections, partners we work closely with on community safety in Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and throughout B.C.

“I think our lives – my life and the people who are part of the Circles of support as volunteers – have been enriched immensely.”

- George, Vancouver. Volunteer

“CoSA has given me the support that I have been missing in the past. That is a safe place where you are not judged, condemned for past actions, but where one can again learn to trust and take risks to be honest and open.”

- CoSA B.C. Core Member 

“I see them—Core Members —growing, changing, finding their real selves, their dignity and their humanity.”

- Community Parole Officer, Abbotsford

“At CoSA I am treated with dignity, kindness, patience and care, something that has often been missing throughout most of my life.  Here I am able to be myself, and feel I will not be laughed at.  I know that I can bring my fears, anxiety, pain—but also my joys, success and hopes and dreams and all of it is accepted.”

- CoSA B.C. Core Member

“I was surprised at how much at ease I felt when I was with men who were clearly labelled as ‘dangerous’.  I have never been afraid or felt endangered.”  

- Nancy, Surrey. Volunteer.

“It's awesome that you're acknowledging the efforts of the volunteers.  It's important that they understand how much they do for us, the Core Members. It takes a very special kind of person to push aside the stereotypes and views that the public has about sex offenders and devote time and effort to get directly involved in our lives. In a world where most people would rather see us "rot behind bars", it’s comforting to know there's actually people who care enough to help us reintegrate back into society and become better citizens.

Each week I look forward to meeting and talking with the volunteers in my Circle.  I know that I can talk to them about anything.  I get support and guidance on any issues I'm dealing with as well as the encouragement to keep moving forward in positive directions. They aren't afraid to ask me the "hard questions" or challenge my decisions.  They help me see things from different perspectives and gain better insights.  But, most importantly, they let me know that I'm not alone.  They're here by my side.”

- CoSA B.C.  Core Member

“At CoSA you know that you can turn to them in the tougher moments and will receive encouragement, advice, support and even practical assistance to meet the challenges of the moment.  At other times we all share in the moments of success.”

CoSA B.C. Core Member


“CoSA is a place to find life, where you can believe in yourself once again.  There I find I am accepted into community as an equal.  For me, it is a place of hope and redemption.” 

CoSA B.C. Core Member

- Carol, Surrey. Volunteer.

“CoSA - … it’s kept my life straight.  Made me who I am today.” 

CoSA B.C. Core Member

“The volunteer’s kids are lucky to have them as parents…if I had parents like them, my life might have been very different.” 

CoSA B.C. Core Member

“They are always willing to help me in so many different ways.”

CoSA B.C. Core Member


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