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CoSA B.C. Values and Principles

The Values and Principles that underlie the work of CoSA B.C. include:


  • Safety and Security: Every person deserves to live in safety and security, free from sexual interference and assault. Our goal as CoSA in B.C. is “no more victims”.

  • Human Dignity: Human dignity is an inherent and inalienable attribute of every person, and is retained even if one’s actions and crimes, or the actions of others, have tarnished that dignity. No one is disposable.

  • The Ability to Change: Every person has the ability to change. Each released inmate is ultimately responsible for his/her own change, and each person has the right to pursue that change supported by a community of care. No one does this alone.

  • Diversity: Diversity which seeks no harm to others is to be respected and promoted.   While CoSA B.C. acknowledges and celebrates the faith background of its founding, and the faith motivation of many of its volunteers, CoSA is not a proselytizing activity and does not require religious adherence in its Core Members or volunteers.

  • Restoration: Brokenness and harm are perhaps inevitable elements of every human journey. Even in the midst of such harm or brokenness, healthy individuals and societies uphold the desire to heal and to overcome the traumas and tragedies of life. Restorative actions are to be supported in conjunction with reviewing risk factors to achieve community safety. 

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